My Anchor-Baby Experience

August 16th, 2010

I wrote a blog some time back about 2 little girls that I met, after seeing them on the news.  It was a hard luck story about their horrible living conditions, no air conditioning in 112 degree heat; small, cramped, dirty living conditions; a disable mother with Downs Syndrome.

My husband and I decided that we needed to intercede, to get involved & see if we couldn’t make a difference in these little girls’ lives.

Well, we did.  And we shouldn’t have. 

These two little girls are ADORABLE.  They were born here, to an American mother who is pretty severely disabled, & an illegal alien father from Mexico.  (Don’t even get me started on why an older Mexican is preying on a disabled woman ………. )  Neither one of their parents work, & we have learned that the father is a DRUNK.

After spending hours with these girls, taking them to eat, having some fun, giving them clothes, toys, various things they might need ………… WE FOUND OUT THAT WE WERE NOT THE ONLY ONES.

Recently, on a visit to their home, we asked them when school would be starting.  “On MONDAY!”, they said excitedly.  Of course my natural motherly instinct was to enquire on the situation with their school supplies.  They said that they had been given a list, but they had lost it, but they were in desperate need of them.

So, we took them shopping!  School supply shopping is fun!  Well, after spending more than $300 on various items, backpacks, pencils, et al., the girls brought up that their father’s birthday was coming and they’d like to get him a gift as well.

A little light went on when the older of the two girls started scanning shelves looking only at the size & prices of items.  Bu t I put aside my pessimistic ideas & we ended up buying them a DVD player.  Nice, right??

Well, a week later I got a very friendly call from a nice woman saying she didn’t know me, but that we had some “friends” in common;  she named these two little girls.

She went on to tell me all of the support & gifts she had been giving to these girls over the past 3 years ………. following a news story she saw on TV.  WOW.

As she was telling me the stories of the various things she had done, the money she had spent, I started connecting the dots.  The older girl had told me about this woman ……. & said she was their GRANDMOTHER!

But the straw that broke the camel’s back, the window into the SHAM these young children were being taught by their illegal alien father to perpetrate, was when she told me that the day following our trip for school supplies, SHE HAD RECEIVED A CALL FROM THE GIRLS TO TAKE THEM SHOPPING FOR SCHOOL SUPPLIES.

I was floored.  These darling, “innocent” young girls had SWINDLED me.  And it seems that they were in the process of swindling SEVERAL compassionate folks, not just myself & this elderly woman & her family.  I was shocked.

But then I kind of laughed.  Not because it’s funny, but because it’s tragically SAD.  But I was laughing at someone like me, who is SO conservative & feels SO strongly that all illegal aliens should be deported, their children with them, because these children are not raised as “American citizens.”  I’ve seen the results of this breeding in older anchor babies’ behavior, desecrating the American flag, demanding welfare entitlements, demanding citizenship for their criminal parents, etc. 

But I thought, “not these sweet girls.”  They are 10 & 8.  How could they possibly be this devious??  How could they want to take advantage of nice folks that want to help them, and simply make their lives better??  Well, because THEY ARE RAISED THAT WAY.  And after talking with these girls I know that their allegiance lies with their parents quite deeply.  They defend their father, drunk that he is, at all costs.

It is sad that their living conditions are so deplorable.  I think that when you grow up poor, you don’t always KNOW that you’re poor.  But you DO know when you’re getting something for nothing, to keep asking in order to keep getting.  And these girls have PERFECTED IT.

It’s sad, disgusting & indicative of WHY WE SHOULD NOT ALLOW THESE INDIVIDUALS TO BREED WHILE THEY ARE HERE CRIMINALLY.  It’s why we should not allow their children to become automatic citizens, to receive welfare that leaves them living in poverty, begging from the compassionate among us, all so that they don’t have to get off their ass & get a job.

Unfortunately the potential of these girls is already lost.  Like an old dog, their tricks are already learned.  They have figured out that lying can be profitable, & getting something for nothing is quite easy, given the right tools.  It’s too late for them. 

But it’s not too late for us.  We need to take this lesson to heart, and stop letting liberals make us feel bad for the “hateful, heartless” ideas we have that would keep these kind of people in their own country, for the “compassionate” of Mexico to worry about ………. if they exist.

We need to recognize that we cannot save the world, and if American exceptionalism is lost, we can’t save ANYBODY.

I’d also like to point out that the woman that did the news story, on liberal NBC, lied to me & to this other elderly woman.  She told us that the father was a legal resident, which she KNEW he was not.  She also had spoken to us, and most likely OTHERS, that were giving money & gifts to this family, & instead of telling each of us that others were contributing to this family, she simply asked “can I do a story, take pictures of you giving them stuff for a news story?”

That’s liberal compassion for ya’.


July 21st, 2010

Why are we all suddenly feeling sorry for Sheila Sherrod, the USDA employee in Georgia that was fired for extremely inflammatory racist statements?  This woman is CLEARLY complicit in racist behavior; simply unacceptable from a public servant.

A couple of days ago a video was released of Ms. Sherrod acting as a featured guest speaker at an NAACP event in March.  She described a situation in which she was charged with assisting a white farmer.  She goes on to say that she was standing & listening to this man talk at length about his issues, and doing his best to be “superior” to her.  She goes on to say that while he was bloviating about his supposed superiority, she was thinking about the fact that there were lots of black farmers that had lost their land, and here she was, forced to help a white one.  Then she goes on to detail how she refused to give him the full force of her abilities in helping him, and sent him to “one of his own”; a white lawyer trained in how to shove the white farmer thru bankruptcy.

It was DISGUSTING to watch.

She did, later in the video, say something about how it occurred to her it wasn’t, but was, but wasn’t, about black or white.  Watch the video and see for yourself.  Looks to me like she was trying to back track a bit.

Apparently, when this video surfaced she was summarily dismissed, within hours, by Tom Vilsack (her boss), the White House & just about every other person in the political realm.  She was FIRED, & rightly so.  The funniest part??  They said it was because she was going to be on Glenn Beck.  (THAT, my friend, is HILARIOUS on so many levels.)

Yet, somehow, today, we’re all feeling sorry for herHOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?

The white farmer that she was discussing in her speech to the NAACP came forward, as did his wife.  They both said that the story didn’t exactly happen the way she claimed, that she did indeed help them save their farm & actually sent them to a black lawyer first. 

Hmmm ……. then why the lie?

Today the White House is saying that this woman deserves an apology.  Robert Gibbs apologized “on behalf of this administration” for the way in which it was handled.  He went on to say that the MEDIA had a portion of the blame to accept for not asking the right questions or having all the information.   He said that the GOV’T had some blame to accept for not asking the right questions or having all the information. 

He said the American people had some blame for wanting immediate results. 

HUH?  ME?  I’m to blame for this woman’s ridiculous behavior & the ensuing circus at the White House because of it??  Give me a break.

Further, why is no one discussing the discrepancies between the inflammatory & racist relating of the story by Ms. Sherrod, & the actual FACTS of the situation that have come to light?  This, to me, seems to be the bigger issue.

From what I can decipher, a conservative watchdog group, was trying to highlight that the NAACP was fostering racism within it’s ranks, not specifically singling out Ms. Sharrod for her behavior, by releasing the video.  And they have effectively accomplished that goal.

This woman, as with many good speakers, was trying to identify with her audience.  And in order to do that, she felt she needed to slant the message of the recounted story as one in which a WHITE farmer was subjugated, humiliated & had support and assistance withheld because of his race. 

Whether or not Ms. Sherrod is now a recovered racist is of no concern to me.  What IS of concern to me is that she is willing to engage in the deception of elluding to racism, as a gov’t employee, a servant of the people, to pander to an organization she clearly believes identifies with that sentiment.  And let’s not forget that our very own President’s wife was also a speaker at the NAACP just last week.

For our gov’t to endorse the ridiculousness that has become the NAACP, they are alienating the good people of this country who are truly colorblind.  Somehow racism has come to mean the belief that ALL are equal is flawed because whites should be subjugated for the historical actions of someone else. 

This is a very dangerous road that the NAACP & their supporters are taking us down.  They are deliberately trying to create a divisive & incendiary atmosphere where none is necessary.  Americans are becoming numb to being called “racist”, because they know it isn’t true & abused for political gain.

Doesn’t that hurt those that are actually harmed by true discrimantory behavior?  And aren’t those the very people these ridiculous people purport to be “helping” with their antics? 

The boy who cried wolf suffered dearly for his refusal to accept that negative attention was better than no attention.  And so will the NAACP.

Amnesty vs. Deporting: WHY ARE THOSE THE ONLY ANSWERS?

July 13th, 2010

Let’s be clear: securing the border & dealing with mass illegal immigration are separate issues;  RELATED, but separate.  Our borders need to be secured for national security reasons.  But we need to deal with the illegall immigrants on a whole other level ………. an ECONOMIC one.

Living on the “front lines” of the immigration debate, in the great state of Arizona, I am confronted with the amnesty versus deportation question often.  I am absolutely, 100% AGAINST AMNESTY.

When I say this I get two questions:  1) what about the KIDS; and 2) Who will do the work?

Those are two of the most ridiculous questions I’ve ever heard asked in reference to this debate.   Why don’t we ask these questions when we send murderers & thieves to prison?  Why are these criminals different??  Business & legal decisions should not be made with EMOTION, they should be made with careful consideration of the facts, weighing the measured pros & cons of each alternative, then apply the LAWNOT EMOTION.

First & foremost we SHOULD all be able to agree that criminal behavior should not be rewarded.  Unfortunately, we don’t always even agree on THAT point.  And honestly, those that can’t subscribe to this have already lost the argument.  Because they are showing their true agenda, & it does NOT benefit America.  I mean, we won’t even let criminals exercise their freedom of SPEECH once convicted!  A convicted criminal is forbidden by law to benefit from his crimes, or write books that would bring him profit. 

If we can agree that criminal behavior should never be rewarded, can’t we agree that anyone who has criminally invaded our borders shouldn’t benefit from that activity?   SO WHY SHOULD THESE CRIMINAL ILLEGALS EVER BE ALLOWED TO VOTE?  Isn’t that “benefiting” them? 

And why must we limit ourselves to two options: amnesty or mass deportation?  Why can’t we tell them “You broke our laws.  You will NEVER be rewarded with citizenship or the great priviledges that it provides …. LIKE VOTING.”

A very simple solution to the immigration & border control consists of two phases: 1) Consequences; and 2) Accountability.


If we announced tomorrow that every person residing in this country illegally was going to be given 90 days to either register with the gov’t or get out, given the appropriate incentives, self deportation & registration would be swift & massive.

What do I mean by the “appropriate incentives?”  Well, for starters, STOP REWARDING BAD BEHAVIOR.   If we tell these illegals that failure to register or remove themselves within the 90 day grace period would lead to their immediate jailing & subsequent deportation when found, & then GUARANTEE ENFORCEMENT no matter the circumstances, they’ll listen.  Right now, all of the discussions I’ve heard about “comprehensive reform” give ZERO CONSEQUENCES for not coming forward. 

It’s kind of like the ObamaCare debate:  why would you register NOW, & have to start paying taxes & given the RESPONSIBILITIES of being a legal resident, when you could WAIT UNTIL YOU GET CAUGHT & THEN GET THE BENEFITS ANYWAY?   There needs to be CONSEQUENCES.


Once we have the attention of the illegals, & have instilled in them the absolution that there will be consequences for non-cooperation in this “comprehensive reform” (conservative style), we can explain to them about ACCOUNTABILITY; often referred to in conservative circles as “personal responsibility.”

First:  LEARN ENGLISH.  Each & every illegal alien should be required to learn English in order to be a permanent resident.  Period.  End of story.


Since these people have KNOWINGLY broken our laws, with the intent to personally benefit from it, they should not be rewarded.  Citizenship of any person knowingly invading this country SHOULD NEVER BE GIVEN.  There is another option: LEGAL RESIDENT.

These illegal aliens have thus far been content with not being citizens.  They need  not be rewarded for their bad behavior & given the priviledges of it, either.  

Being a believer in strict constitutional interpretation, I believe that their children ARE citizens, if born here.  But we need to crack down on citizenship tourism.  And we also need to modify our immigration policies to DISALLOW FAMILIAL IMMIGRATION.  If a child CHOOSES to live away from their parents, there should not be special consideration given to their families.   There are many intelligent, ambitious people from all around the world that apply to be citizens of this country every day. Because parents broke our laws to give citizenship to their children, THEY SHOULD NOT BE REWARDED.

All registering aliens should be comprehensively documented & anyone with a criminal background should be deported immediately…… AFTER THEY HAVE SERVED THEIR TIME IN OUR JAILS

All registration should include a comprehensive review of any and all social programs that these illegal aliens have abused.  Our immigration policies require that incoming immigrants be able to take care of themselves & their families.  They should not be able to collect Medicare & Social Security without paying into them for a minimum of years, and in some cases, NOT AT ALL.  And each alien should be made aware of these consequences. 

If abuse of our social welfare programs is discovered, then a debt burden should be placed on these people.  I don’t care HOW poor they are: CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR SHOULD NOT BE REWARDED.  With the LibeTards on the left screaming that these illegal aliens have long been paying taxes & contributing BILLIONS to our economy, as opposed to abusing the welfare system, they should have NO PROBLEM WITH THAT PROVISION.

I guess I see this as a simple solution to a problem that has been over complicated for years.  There ARE good people out there that are here illegally.  But they made a conscious decision to break our laws.  They should NEVER be rewarded with citizenship.  But that doesn’t mean that we can’t recognize the contributions they have the ability to make to our communities.  I think this is MORE than fair.  After all, they always have the choice to go back where they came from.

The war on poverty is over. DEMOCRATS LOST.

July 12th, 2010

I went today to the home of a small Phoenix family: mother, father, two sweet, wonderful little girls.  I was there to see if I could help them.  I was surprised at what I found.  Maybe it would be better to say I was shocked & disheartened at what I found.  This family is living on welfare.  And it’s not a lifestyle I would recommend.

There were not paved drives to the small homes that these people resided in.  The front door barely shut, a baby walking around in woolen feety pajamas by himself in the open area. It broke my heart.

I was there because I had seen a story on the news about a family & their neighbors who were renting some small units from a landlord that was refusing to fix or replace their air conditioning.  ……… As I laid in bed watching this story, thinking I hadn’t been outside all day because of the heat ……..  It was 112 that day. 

The little girl was so poised, mature & well spoken …… Too mature for her  no more than 10 years of age.  The little girl told the reporter that many people had called their landlord.  He said he’d come in two weeks, but never showed up.  Then the reporter went on to say that many of the folks living there were most likely in the country illegally, so that many would not complain even though the land lord was breaking the law by leaving these people to stew in debilitating heat.

I immediately became angry.  I thought about how I would call my landlord, fix the AC myself, & deduct it from my rent!  But they don’t have the money to fix it, that’s obvious.  And do they know the laws anyway?

Then the journalist went on to talk about this young girl’s family.  Her mother has Down Syndrome, and the heat was very dangerous for her, but that they were sitting still, drinking lots of water & taking showers to stay cool, she said.  They panned to an image of the shower in the home.  My heart sank.  I had to help.

I immediately jumped out of bed & emailed the young reporter to ask for more information.  I told her I needed to help these little girls & this family.  By the time the reporter called me two days later, I’d already told myself I was going to do SOMETHING.  She told me that she lauded my goals & was always happy to hear about someone willing to do good deeds; But she needed to stress that the conditions I would see when I went there would be shocking. 

She was right.

The home was tiny & cramped & dirty. They weren’t dirty people, but living with no paved drives or walks, with a front door that barely shut & rickety windows, dust & dirt must be a way of life.  And with four people, one with a severe disability, in such tiny quarters created challenges of their own.

After meeting these girls & their parents, I discovered they were wonderful people.  They were simply trying to get by.  The man looked healthy enough to work, & maybe he did, or does ( I don’t know), but with a disabled wife & two small children, who would look after them?

Everything I believe in says that welfare is not a way to live.  That you should WORK for what you want.  And I still believe that.  But these children are now caught in a web of poverty & filth.  And the gov’t can’t help them.  The Americans With Disabilities Act provides care for disabled adults.  The welfare system provides healthcare thru Medicaid, but anyone with a brain knows that this is NOT good care.  It’s the most minimal of service provided by very few practicing physicians.  And don’t get me started on the social services for children!  Arizona’s is NOTORIOUS for the murdered & abused children it has been “responsible” for.

The welfare system provides food stamps or rent assistance, even energy assistance to pay your electric, gas & water bills.  But despite all of this, the lifestyle these children are forced to endure is not one most would find acceptable.

We listen to these ridiculous politicians argue about this payment, that payment, this program, that program, more funding here, more funding there.  But none have yet to address the grown adults who COULD work & take care of themselves, legal residences, citizens or aliens, bleeding the system dry, WHILE THOSE WHO CANNOT CARE FOR THEMSELVES ARE LIVING IN SQUALOR.

Folks often ask me how these sick & disabled would fare without welfare.  I say FAR BETTER!  The more the gov’t takes from me to give away in LITERALLY BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF FRAUD, the fewer dollars I have to drive across town to help someone less fortunate than myself.

I know that I cannot save the world.  And I may not be of much use to this family.  But I will try.  The Democrats’ “liberal compassion” expressed thru this system, is one that disgusts me.  My goal will be to show these girls that the world is a good & compassionate place, that there are reasons to dream & that things CAN change.  I will become a friend to this family and try to provide the positive outlook for these girls that will allow them to believe that their dreams can come true, no matter WHAT they are, & how hard it may be to get there.  Anything is achievable. 

There ARE solutions to these problems, but I can confidently proclaim that the gov’t is NOT IT.  I have long held that local problems need local solutions.  Obama feels superior, having cocktail parties at the White House & jetting to New York City to take his wife to Broadway shows, all because he can say “they got their welfare checks!”  These checks are not supporting families.  They are not helping.  They are barely sustaining life.  And these checks don’t even come CLOSE to a life STYLE that any would be proud of.

So the next time you hear the beating drum of the wonders of welfare, remember this story.  And then find someone worse off than you, & DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.  Because no matter where you are in your life, they’re out there.  And they need you.

CBO Predicts that folks will prefer LIVING OFF WELFARE under Cap & Tax!

June 4th, 2010

Congressional Budget Office on Cap & Tax: “In particular, job losses in the industries that shrink would lower employment more than job gains in other industries would increase employment, THEREBY RAISING THE OVERALL UNEMPLOYMENT RATE.”  Cap & Tax sound like a GOOD IDEA TO YOU?!?!?!?

Congressional Budget Office on Cap & Tax – “The increase in prices caused by a tax or cap-and-trade program would cause workers’ real (inflation-adjusted) WAGES TO BE LOWER THAN THEY WOULD BE OTHERWISE.”  The gov’t will be CONFISCATING MORE & MORE OF YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY!  Cap & Tax sound ike a GOOD IDEA TO YOU?!?!?!?!?

Congressional Budget Office on Cap & Tax – “A small percentage [of workers] might choose to work fewer hours OR NOT AT ALL, resulting in slightly lower total employment.”  THE CBO SAYS THAT WAGES WILL BE SO LOW IN RELATION TO INFLATION & HIGHER COSTS OF GOOD & SERVICES THAT PEOPLE WILL CHOOSE TO LIVE ON WELFARE INSTEAD OF WORK!  Cap & Tax sound like a GOOD IDEA TO YOU?

Congressional Budget Office on Cap & Tax – “While the economy was adjusting to the emission-reduction program, A NUMBER OF PEOPLE WOULD LOSE THEIR JOB, and some of those people would FACE PROLONGED HARDSHIP.”  Cap & Tax sound like a GOOD IDEA TO YOU?!??!?!

Congressional Budget Office on Cap & Tax – “Following the introduction of an emission-reduction program, some people who lost their job in a shrinking industry would have a difficult time finding a new job quickly. SOME WOULD LEAVE THE LABOR FORCE ALTOGETHER.”  Cap & Tax sound like a GOOD IDEA TO YOU?!???!!

Congressional Budget Office on Cap & Tax – “Some, especially those in communities with limited job opportunities outside of the shrinking industries, WOULD NEED TO RELOCATED TO NEW AREAS WITH BETTER JOB PROSPECTS.”  Cap & Tax will WIPE OUT ENTIRE COMMUNITIES!  Cap & Tax sound like a GOOD IDEA TO YOU?!?!?!?

Congressional Budget Office on Cap & Tax – “Even among those who found a new job relatively quickly, those workers would probably see their earnings decline, even after being reemployed.  Moreover, THAT DECLINE IN EARNINGS WOULD PROBABLY PERSIST FOR A LONG TIME.”  Cap & Tax will FORCE WAGES EVEN LOWER FOR HARD WORKING AMERICANS WHILE SHIPPING JOBS OVERSEAS! Cap & Tax sound like a GOOD IDEA TO YOU?!??!!?

Congressional Budget Office on Cap & Tax – “The loss of employment and economic activity could erode the tax base, and homes could decline in value as laid-off workers sold their homes and moved away in search of employment opportunities elsewhere.”  Cap & Tax wil FURTHER ERODE OUR ECONOMY & SEND THE HOUSING MARKET IN TO AN EVEN BIGGER TAILSPIN!  Cap & Tax sound like a GOOD IDEA TO YOU??!?!?!

Congressional Budget Office on Cap & Tax-“If major US trading partners did not imlement comparable [cap/tax] programs, a US program would put domestic firms in emission-intensive industries at a disadvantage. The result would be reduced exports, increased imports, and consequently a greater decline in employment in those industries.” CAP & TAX WILL MOVE MORE AMERICAN JOBS OVERSEAS & MAKE US MORE DEPENDENT ON IMPORTS!  Cap & Tax sound like a GOOD IDEA TO YOU?!?!?

Congressional Budget Office on Cap & Tax-“Imposing a price on emissions of greenhouse gases would increase prices for electricity and reduce the total amount consumed.”  CAP & TAX WILL INCREASE ENERGY PRICES SO SIGNIFICANTLY, THAT YOU’LL BE FORCED TO SIT IN THE HEAT/COLD BECAUSE YOU CAN’T AFFORD TO PAY THE ELECTRIC BILL! Cap & Tax sound like a GOOD IDEA TO YOU?!

Congressional Budget Office on Cap & Tax “Other than energy producers, industries that would have lower employment as a result of [cap & tax] currently employ more than 30 million people, so a small % decline in employment would, in total, affect MANY MORE PEOPLE THAN THE LARGER PERCENTAGE DECLINES IN THE ENERGY SECTOR.” So many people will lose their jobs because US consumption will plummet due to LOWER WAGES & INFLATIONARY COSTS!  Cap & Tax sound like a GOOD IDEA TO YOU?!?!?

Congressional Budget Office on Cap & Tax – “Production costs would increase and demand for their products would decline as those higher costs were reflected in higher prices.”  Cap & Tax will FORCE OUR QUALITY OF LIFE INTO THE TOILET. Sustained lower wages, skyrocketing energy prices, SUSTAINED DOUBLE DIGIT UNEMPLOYMENT, & HIGHER COSTS OF EVERYTHING YOU NEED! Cap & Tax sound like a GOOD IDEA TO YOU?!?!

 Congressional Budget Office on Cap & Tax – “Reduced demand for products [due to higher costs & sustained lower wages] would lead to reduced demand for labor.”  THIS IS THE SPIRAL INTO HELL THAT SPAIN EXPERIENCED FOLLOWING THEIR FORAY INTO CAP & TAX! They’ve warned us against it. They had sustained 18% unemployment BEFORE the recession!  Cap & Tax sound like a GOOD IDEA TO YOU?!??!

Congressional Budget Office on Cap & Tax – “Higher fuel prices would dampen the demand for gasoline. They would also dampen the demand for automobiles.” UM…..WE KNOW OWN BANKRUPT AUTO COMPANIES! ObamaCare has already forced TAX PAYERS to absorb their PENSIONS & 100% OF THEIR MEDICAL COSTS!  Now we’ll be paying the UNIONS TO “LAY OFF” THESE PEOPLE DUE TO THE VERY POLICIES THEY ARE PUSHING! Cap & Tax sound like a GOOD IDEA TO YOU?!?!?

Congressional Budget Office on Cap & Tax – “After return to full employment, averages wages would be lower than what would otherwise prevail because the higher cost of energy would reduce the productivity of the economy. Some workers would choose to leave the labor force.” FOLKS WILL QUIT WORKING BECAUSE WELFARE WILL BE EASIER & MORE PROFITABLE THAN HAVING A JOB!  Cap & Tax sound like a GOOD IDEA TO YOU?!?!?

Wanna learn more about this ATROCIOUS POLICY that Obama is going to try and SHOVE DOWN OUR THROATS?  READ THIS:

Wonders never cease – the STUPIDITY of the left!

April 30th, 2010

I’d better hear every single solitary one of these “papers please” liberal dipshits that are decrying Arizona’s new illegal immigrant law, screaming to high heaven that this “national ID” card ridiculousness is a NAZI MOVE BY DEMOTARDS IN CONGRESS!  I don’t agree with this one bit.  And if you think for a MINUTE that our incompetent gov’t will figure out a way to make something that isn’t easily reproducible by any moronic criminal, you over estimate the gov’t, & IGNORANTLY UNDER ESTIMATE THE CRIMINAL MIND! This national ID card will be turned into your life on a card.  And imagine the possibilities when your bank account, your medical records, your census information, EVERYTHING, is stored on a chip on this card.  You won’t be allowed to carry cash, you won’t be allowed to do ANYTHING without the gov’t tracking YOUR EVERY MOVE. They will turn it into your ATM card, your gov’t insurance card, EVERYTHING.  This is something that I will never in a hundred years be talked into supporting!

Mexico taking over AMERICA??? I DON’T THINK SO!

April 7th, 2010

As the immigration debate heats up, I want everyone to remember this event from 2006. 

These anchor babies that are being raised in this country, or brought here by their criminal parents, ARE AN EVER GROWING MASS OF ENTITLEMENT-MINDED THUGS.  And this is a perfect display of the very reasons WHY THEY SHOULD BE SENT BACK TO MEXICO.  Because it is painfully clear that their parents have no intention of instilling the wisdom of American exceptionalism into these kids, that makes this country so great.

They invaded a school that was in a neighboring district, took town the American flag, put a Mexican flag over top her, then turned her upside down. THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN ARRESTED. And, CLEARLY, they were not at school……….BIG SURPRISE………

They don’t respect our laws, our way of life, our American exceptionalism, or the very flag that represents it all.  They claim that they came here for a better life.  LOOKS TO ME LIKE THEY CAME HERE TO INVADE OUR COUNTRY & TURN IT INTO MEXICO.   

Illegal amnesty, in any form, needs to be beaten back with the biggest stick you can find.  These people are invading out country and we need to extracate them and send them back where they came from.  These are not people that want to achieve the American dream.  These are people that want something for nothing.  We have millions of immigrants every year coming thru our borders LEGALLY.  And they come here because they love this country and want to be a part of her history. 

THESE FOOLS WANT TO ERADICATE HER HISTORY.  We need to get rid of them before they are successful. 

These misguided, ignorant anchor babies turned ordinary thugs come from these two school districts: 

El Rancho Unified School District, Norbert Genis, Superintendent

 Whittier Union High School District, Sandra Thorstenson Superintendent 

Big surprise that these illegal friendly school districts ARE IN CALIFORNIA.  The state going bankrupt because of their liberal welfare policies, handing out hard working Americans’ tax dollars to illegals that blatantly cross the border, refuse to speak our language, and pop out babies at an alarming rate in an attempt to get us to feel sorry for them.  NO MORE! 

These are the images that you need to remember when you start hearing bleeding heart libeTards whine about how these are just nice people in bad situations.  I DON’T THINK SO!  THEY ARE DENEGRATING OUR FLAG!


Another quiet tax on the American way of life……..

March 26th, 2010

Since this is my profession, & what I do day in and day out, I’d like to explain:  OBAMA’S TRANSPORTATION CZAR JUST INCREASED THE COSTS OF ANY & ALL PUBLIC ROAD WAY PROJECTS, PRIVATE DEVELOPMENTS, COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL, TO MAKE ROOM FOR A BIKE PATH THAT WILL CREATE TRAFFIC JAMS (higher emissions), MORE ACCIDENTS (liability for tax payers), & HIGHER COSTS FOR GOODS & SERVICES.  Developers must pay higher costs for MORE LAND that is then dedicated to public use, generating no income, which is transferred to the leases & sale prices to retailers & home buyers.  ONE MORE TAX ON THE AMERICANS & PRIVATE INDUSTRIES. Who the HELL is riding their bike in the middle of the desert when it’s 120 degrees outside?!?!?!?  And since they won’t let us build highrises to have higher densities, WHAT THE HELL DO THEY EXPECT?? That you’re going to ride your bike the 75 mile commute to your office??? ……..WAIT.  They’re eliminating the commute by eliminating your job!

What’s happening to our personal strength?

March 23rd, 2010

People are going to be offended, but I’m saying it anyway.

There is a lot of talk that the word “nigger” was hurled at someone over the weekend. At a congressman, to be exact. Now, I’m tired of seeing people refuse to say the word out loud, but instead say things like “n-word.”  It’s CHILDISH.  It’s like saying “F-word.”  EVEN A FOUR YEAR OLD KNOWS WHAT YOU MEAN.  Somehow THAT is “less offensive?”

Unless, of course, the gov’t has banned the use of the word (see the FCC), it’s a word in the English language.  And plenty of people are using it in rap songs, basketball games, over a heated game of dominos….. etc.  So, it got me to thinking about the origin of the word.  And I couldn’t find much.  Our dictionary has a DISCLAIMER on the word!  Seriously??

I grew up in middle “white” America.  But had many black friends in college.  And hanging around with them, IS WHERE I FIRST HEARD THAT WORD USED TO DESCRIBE ANOTHER PERSON.  So it occurs to me that if the word “nigger” is offensive to an individual, shouldn’t it be offensive when said BY ANYONE?  Because I don’t often hear Al Sharpton calling out millionaire rappers for using the word in their “rap dialect.” 

If it’s simply the VERNACULAR that makes the word offensive, THEN ISN’T THE PERSON HEARING THE WORD THE ONE THAT CREATES THE OFFENSE & NOT THE PERSON THAT SAID  IT?  Because it seems to me that the person giving it the offensive MEANING is what makes it offensive.  Now, I’m not advocating disrespectful name calling.  But when did we all agree that we had a RIGHT to be out in public and not be offended?  People say things to me all the time that I don’t want to hear.  But I don’t get to change the English dictionary because of it. 

As a matter of fact, these congressmen are saying all KINDS of things that MANY of us don’t want to hear.  Maybe we find it offensive.  Do we get CNN & MSNBC to do a story on how our congressmen ignore us, tell us we’re stupid, or hang up the phone on us?  Of course not.  Maybe we could get the word CONGRESSMAN deemed offensive and labeled with a disclaimer in Websters…….

But then again, NOT ALL CONGRESSMEN ARE OFFENSIVE.   On second thought, maybe we just suck it up and deal… everybody else has to when cameras aren’t around and people get on our nerves. 

Ultimately, THE ONLY PERSON’S BEHAVIOR YOU CAN EVER REALLY CONTROL IS YOUR OWN.  But when we give other peoples’ words meaning, we give them power over us & our emotions.  And isn’t independence what we’re fighting for?

OBamaCare truths….& boy does it hurt.

March 18th, 2010

This afternoon 222 Democrats voted to institute the "Slaughter Rule" of Deem & Pass. This means that as early as Sunday (if the votes are procured) the House of Representatives will be holding a vote on a reconciliation bill that Obama & Pelosi have crafted as a compromise. The final vote should should take place this coming Sunday if the votes are procured.

This reconciliation bill would affectively make changes to the Senate healthcare bill that House Democrats didn’t want to approve. So instead they have created a set of changes that they will vote on (the reconciliation bill) and if that bill passes, then the original Senate healthcare reform bill will be DEEMED TO HAVE BEEN VOTED ON & PASSED: thus the Deem & Pass "Slaughter Rule."

Anyone who voted for the Slaughter Rule has effectively voted for ObamaCare. Anyone that has voted for any portion of the process that has brought us to passing ObamaCare, has voted for the single largest gov’t takeover of our liberties.

You will no longer be able to decide what kind of health insurance, if any, that you want to purchase. You will be forced to enter into a contract with an insurance company for insurance you may not need or want.

Anyone making more than 400% of poverty level will be required by law to purchase an insurance policy that will average $15,000 for a family of four. This insurance policy would have an out of pocket deductible of $10,000 per year, AND WOULD COVER ONLY 60% OF YOUR COSTS. This means, that a family of four making more than $88,200 would be forced buy the federal gov’t to incur monthly premiums of $1,250 per month. Only a PORTION of which is subsidized by the gov’t. Estimates are that 12% of your income would need to go towards your premiums before the subsidies kick in. That would mean this family of four would pay $880 a month in premiums, with the taxpayer picking up $370.

Adding into the mix the yearly deductible of $10,000 and that same family of four is looking at a monthly cost of $1,714 per month in deductibles & premiums……….and that’s before you get the bill from the hospital for your 40% portion of all costs. It reminds me of the sign that says "IF YOU THINK HEALTHCARE IS EXPENSIVE NOW, JUST WAIT UNTIL IT’S FREE." And keep in mind: STARTING IN 2019 SUBSIDIES ARE FROZEN. Which means that increases in costs due to medical inflation will not be considered. Your out of pocket costs for insurance continue to go up.

Obama keeps telling people that they can keep the insurance they have. However, under ObamaCare your company will be mandated to buy insurance for everyone………….unless they opt to pay a fee to the gov’t instead. This fee would be anywhere from $750 to $3000 per person/family. ObamaCare would also mandate that if your boss offers you insurance that you MUST ACCEPT IT, even if you are required to pay into it. And you MUST cover your family. Buying a cheaper individual policy outside of the group insurance offered by your employer becomes ILLEGAL. A single mother who gets free healthcare at work, and buys an individual policy for her daughter for $75 a month from Blue Cross Blue Shield, will now be forced to include her daughter on her employer’s more expensive group plan at a cost of $346 per month. SEE THE SAVINGS? Not so much.

Imagine if this single mother makes $90,000 a year, but her neighbor makes $88,000. The neighbor receives free subsidies, but she does not. We call this "the gov’t picking winners & losers."

ObamaCare is incentivizing employers to drop their insurance. Even a $3000 fine per family is easily cheaper than the $15,000 policy he would be forced to provide for you. You will then be forced into the gov’t run "exchange" to buy your own policy. And we can see that the numbers aren’t good. Obama says if your employers dumps your insurance and sends you into the private market, that you’ll get a raise. Wanna bet?? And even if you DID, you’re now faced with paying state & local income tax, social security tax, the higher medicare taxes……….and your boss can’t give you a raise for the entire cost of the insurance he was purchasing for you, because he’s now got a $3,000 fine to pay as well. Obama is kidding himself. Or lying to YOU.

But the biggest rub of all of this nonsense??? THE BENEFITS OF IT DO NOT KICK IN UNTIL 2014. The taxes go up immediately, but the exchanges & requirements to exclude pre-existing conditions doesn’t take affect until 2014. Taxes like higher social security taxes that won’t go to save social security; or higher medicare taxes that won’t go to save medicare; or taxes on insuarnce companies that I’m SURE will result in lower premiums……; or the taxes on all medical equipment manufacturers which I’m SURE won’t be passed on to the consumer resulting in higher costs for you & the insurance company….which I’m SURE won’t result in higher premiums from higher costs……. You can see where this is going.

Costs will most decidedly NOT go down. But will be driven up by higher taxes, mandates and higher demand. So as far as I can tell the status quo would have been a dream come true compared to this. That being said, I do believe that some free market solutions would have better served the American people.

Beyond costs are the bigger issues of the invasions of privacy, the removal of choice, the swelling of gov’t bureaucracies in our everyday lives, the CONTROL THE GOV’T WILL HOLD OVER US. It’s frightening.

I will be advocating hammering our elected officials, and any candidates that seek office, to commit to an agenda of defunding the initiatives of this bill until Obama can be removed from office. Repealing this bill is impossible until a like minded president is in office. But in order to keep this monstrosity from weaving gov’t tentacles into every aspect of our lives, something we know is almost impossible to remove, we need to defund the process to keep it stagnate. I refuse to give up on saving my liberty & freedom, and the future for my children.

Continue to call your Senators & Congressmen. Give me liberty or give me death.